Services & Pricing

Membership Services

Direct Primary Care

Age 18 and up


  • Telehealth – voice mail, email, and video calls
  • Unlimited clinic visits
  • Discounted Lab tests
  • Discounted prescription medications
  • Discounted Imaging
  • House calls

Membership includes 6 Manipulation or acupuncture sessions per year

Discounted Family Rates




$30/child/month up to 4 children. Additional are no charge. 

Osteopathic Manual Manipulation Only

Osteopathic Manual Manipulation Only

$100 yearly initial visit fee, then $20 per visit 


Pain Control Acupuncture Only

Pain Control Acupuncture

$100 yearly initial visit fee, then $20 per visit


Additional Services

House call fee $30 within 15 miles.

Two dollars per mile outside that range. Winter months December through March and weekends, school cancellation days, double price for house calls

Holidays are triple price for house calls.
We are unable to do house calls in Alger County or Wisconsin
Any lapse in membership requires a $100 reactivating fee.

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Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 9-5

Weekend by appointment only